The May 19th Kiwanis Lunch meeting was held at Harold’s with introductions by President Kimberly Marie Jack.  She started with the Invocation by Pete Carpenter. Then a wonderful and informative history story about the American Flag Memorial Service at funerals regarding the seven folds of the Flag by Ted Dimon.

Then Programs Chair, Alexis Popovich introduced four informative committee presentations by:

  • Mike Poppenwimer on the new Signature Event Committee which will be scheduled major events for the community to promote the image of Kiwanis in the local area.
  • Biff Miller on the Aktion Club Committee which attends to children in the area with physical and/or mentally challenged issues.  He feels this children’s issue has been under publicized and calls out for more attention by Kiwanis and the community.  The Communications Committee has already reached out to him for input.
  • John Dione on the impact of the Major Projects Committee and their scope of contributions and grants.
  • Janet Busbee on the recent Scholarship Awards Event recognizing 23 high school graduates and what this financial support has meant to them.  She provided an excellent PowerPoint presentation with the details of the awards and the administrative program over the years since it started in 1986.
  • Marketplace GM, Sandra Carrier provided us with an update on revenue trends which was very positive.
  • President Jack thanked the Hospitality, Program and Set Up committees for their parts in the program.

Special recognition was given to the Scholarship Committee members, Janet Busbee, Ron Bell, Scott Brown, Jack Mahay, Geno Orrico, Maria Elena Rizzo and Susan Uhl for the hours they put in determining and choosing the final 23 Awardees from about 250 applications.  The Committee awarded $249,000 to those 23 winners.