The Communication Committee manages the Kiwanis Club of Carefree and the Kiwanis of Carefree Benefit Foundation (excluding The Kiwanis Marketplace and the Marketplace Committee.) public and internal communications. The purpose is to engage the public and members in Club and Foundation activities, projects, fundraising, and Committees. The Committee will meet on a minimum of a monthly basis to review and approve expenditures for the best possible way to communicate with the community and the Club members while being fiscally responsible with its annual budget. The Communications Committee is also responsible for maintaining working relationships with print organizations and other community organizations to establish the best means possible to engage the members and community.

Chairperson: Joyce Jordan

Committee Members:

  • Wes Cooper
  • Ava Frick
  • Les Hardie
  • Cam Kuniej
  • Bob Moore
  • Tom Pozarycki*
  • Tom Williams
  • Robert Zink
  • Rachelle Zink

Yearbook lead*