August 31st Luncheon – Committee Updates

Published On: September 7, 2022

President Joyce Jordan opened the meeting with the traditional prayer, patriot song, pledge and thanks to include wine distribution for greeter services. Then Ted Dimon treated us to another of his famous “real” stories, which we have all come to look forward to hearing and laughing about.

Bob Moore introduced a guest, Mr. Clayton Wolfe, who will be our guest speaker at our November 16th meeting. Mr. Wolfe will speak to setting goals needed to attain his mountain climbing successes. He has already climbed Mt. Everest, Mt. Denali, and others. Special promotion will be done to draw out our membership and the community to attend.

President Joyce introduced, Kiwanis Anthem Club President Jeff Johnson. Jeff provided us with a very positive update on the success of his club’s membership goals, programs, and outreach to the wide area community they support. Our club assisted the launch of the Anthem Club and he was very thankful for our assistance.

President Joyce proceed with this month’s business meeting which included, a positive financial report by Dave Gordon, and a detailed status report on the Marketplace from Alex Perez.

Ted Dimon assembled those who had birthday’s in August and tested their knowledge with a field of abstract questions only two could answer correctly. They were reward with bottles of our fine Kiwanis of Carefree wine.

President Joyce then invited new members to the podium for a group introduction to our membership; they are: Carolyn Birmey, Leane’ Kok, and Carolyn Jenkins.
Meeting was then adjourned.

Jeff Johnson