August 24th Luncheon – AKtion Club and Team Scully

Published On: September 7, 2022

Alexis Sterling-Popovich, Chair of the Hospitality Committee, introduced Program Speaker Paula Scully.  Paula spoke about the Scully Learning Center, supported for many years by Kiwanis through the “AKtion Club”. Please note the Scully family made a significant donation to Kiwanis about a decade ago.

Paula shared several photos of her “family kids” and presented what her organization features with the special activities and attention her “family” of special children receive at her Learning Center.

A key AKtion Club factor is  “Where Development has no Disability”.  The Club empowers members to be themselves, work together with friends and implement plans though action.

Paula talked in detail about establishing the “Scully Living Center” a sustainable foundation to provide safe transition housing for all families with developmentally disabled members.   This foundation can be replicated by other organizations.

Paula stated she needs help in a variety of areas, such as:  Design, Operations, Fund Raising, and Grant Writing.   She is seeking volunteer help from Kiwanis.  Her contact point is: or 480-595-4948