President Kimberly Marie Jack asked Lynn Oats to provide the Invocation, followed by Ted Dimon with the patriotic song.

Our new Executive Director, Sandra Carrier, introduced the new General Manager of the Marketplace, Alex Perez. Alex provided an update on the great revenue report from the Marketplace.

The program continued with a presentation of new members led by Membership Chair, Steve Morse, who introduced six new members, Leigh Zydonik, Curt Wieden, Todd Cooley, Steve Alley, Staci Wiese and Aaron Bagwell. Then, Todd Cooley, Tom Pozarycki and Leigh Zydonik, provided some of their personal background, illustrating the wide range of ages and experience our Kiwanis club is attracting to membership.

Communications Committee Chair, Bob Moore, illustrated the greatly enhanced objective of creating membership and community “Awareness and Recognition” of the Kiwanis contributions to the community compared to just print media coverage. This included our new Club website, Darrell Doepke’s Facebook page, and now Ava Frick’s membership newsletter. Bob then introduced Ava to talk about our latest innovation, a special Kiwanis Business Connection newsletter issue to promote, to our membership and the community, businesses owned by fellow Kiwanis members.

President Kimberly reminded all the next meeting would be on Wednesday, July 21st, and adjourned the meeting.

Steve Morse introduces six new Kiwanians