We thought it would be good to provide the membership with a list of all the new members that joined our Club in 2019 so you can look it over and ask yourself if you recall meeting and welcoming these new members to the Club.  Remember, Steve Morse now has them wearing a red ribbon so you know they are new!  If you don’t recall meeting them; please, take a few minutes from chatting with your long term buddies, and introduce yourself.  These new members are the lifeline of the Club!

They are:

  • Jacqui Perry-Brown
  • Diane Dunseath
  • Alexis Sterling-Popovich
  • Jennifer Rosvall
  • Mike Sloan
  • Bill Hollingsworth
  • Allie Avishai
  • Les Hardie
  • Lisa Strohman
  • Colleen Walski
  • Teri Jenkins
  • Michele Guy
  • Terry Finegan

And a big “Congrats” and thanks to Steve Morse and his committee for bringing these new members into the Club !