Subject: Thank You Letter From Superintendent of Schools


I hope you will share this with the Kiwanis Board. CCUSD cannot thank Kiwanis enough for ALL of the generous and ongoing support it has given us. This week, we loaned out 1044 Chromebooks to students who needed technology to access the lessons we are providing in our now “virtual schools.” Many of those Chromebooks were available because of the generosity of Kiwanis and the Chromebook initiatives. We posted a huge thanks to Kiwanis on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and on Facebook alone, we have had 1,388 people who have viewed the post and 154 have left positive comments.

In addition, we are grateful for Kiwanis’ donation of $5,000 so that Harold’s Corral can provide 300 Family Meals to our families needing meal assistance. Saying “Thank You” doesn’t feel significant enough for all Kiwanis is doing to assist our students and CCUSD Community at this time. Please know it is heartfelt.

Prayers that all of our members stay safe and well,


Debbi Burdick, Ed.D.