About The Schools / Education Committee

The Schools / Education Committee operates in a dual role; the primary being “Donor Driven” with the Kiwanis Foundation being the “Donor”.  Originally representatives from our community identified and prioritized areas that would have the most impact on students.

For the past three years the Major Projects Committee, now called the Schools / Education Committee (S/E Committee) addressed these areas.  STEM, Chrome books, and Student Health and Wellness program were the result.  This year the S/E Committee continues with those areas.  Members of the Committee are assigned to represent various schools within our community.  The Kiwanis school committee member is called the “Site Representative.”

Originally the community identified major concern areas, the site representatives communicate these concerns with the school’s administration and teachers and the schools determine what is needed.

The school then prepares a “Proposal for Funding” which includes the significant details of the project.  Any non-profit school in our area qualifies for the opportunity to present a request to the S/E Committee.  This process is a two way program of what the school needs + what Kiwanis wants to support.

The S/E Committee also works closely with the Funds Request Committee.  This year the Funds Request Committee no longer deals with any request related to schools or education, as they are now redirected to the S/E Committee.  These project are identified as Recipient Driven Projects and the S/E community was provided with a modest amount to funding to handle these smaller projects.

The Committee is highly involved seeking community input for the perceived needs of the community through a program called “Community Open Forum” whereby they reach out to the community to identify concerns and ideas that will assure a bright and successful future for the local children.  This program will take place on Saturday, April 25, 2020 at the Desert Foothills Library.  A promotional marketing program is underway currently involving the Kiwanis Club and the Marketplace websites including the event announcement and a registration form.  Press Releases have been prepared for the local media.

This newly reorganized committee with new leadership is making excellent progress in addressing and executing their objectives and mission.  A further report will be made later in the year to call out more of the awards of funding from this committee.